Curly Fry Studios was the content engine for Jack in the Box’s social and digital ecosystem from 2021 to 2023. We sourced, managed, and briefed content creators, developed and produced original series, and served as a strategic think-tank for disruptive campaigns designed to grow the brand’s audience.
Key Roles
Art Director
Graphic Designer

McDonald’s ice cream machines are notorious for being constantly broken. Bad news for them. Great news for us and Jack in the Box’s new St. Paddy’s Day shake. Along with our hyper-targeted OOH, we also took over McBroken (a site that solely exists to give real-time updates on McDonald’s broken ice cream machines). We weren’t letting anyone get McShammed this year. And the press really seemed to appreciate it.

Imagine this: It’s 11 pm and you get an aggressive hankering for a milkshake. You venture out to satisfy your urgent need for a creamy, sweet, frozen treat. You get end up at your local McDonald's, and you are told that the ice cream machine is broken. No McFlurry for you. You turn around and stifle a sob. Oh, the pain. Our takeover of McShammed.com not only showed which McDonald’s locations have functioning and non-functioning ice-cream machines but also pointed shake-starved customers into the direction of the nearest Jack in the Box by labeling each location on the map.
"Though we are but little ... our machines work,' - Jack in the Box

Step into Jack’s kitchen, where we cook up the wildest food the internet can imagine, with the internet’s most interesting people.

Food critics take a backseat as this no-holds-barred, man-on-the-street series brings the taste-test to those who march to the beat of their own drum — and are damn proud of it..

Spice isn’t just heat. Spice is style, attitude, confidence and drama. For some, it’s even a way of being. So when Jack in the Box wanted to launch their new Spicy Cluck and Blazin’ Cluck chicken sandwiches, we knew 🔥SPICE🔥 needed to be represented in all its flavors. Introducing the Spice Squad. A fake reality show full of influencers trying to make spicy content

A campaign for Jack’s new Cluck Chicken Sandwich featuring series of skits with Jack Box and TikToker and comedian friend King Bach.